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Quality of life & Euthanasia

We want to help you through the process

A final act of kindness

Our pets bring joy and enrichment to our lives. The responsibility of a pet owner starts with adoption, vaccines, food, water, proper housing, exercise, love and attention, but often ends in a difficult and emotional end of life decision. We see this as the final act of kindness for our pets in allowing a pain-free, loving, and compassionate environment where they can pass surrounded by people who care for them.

we help you through the process

The process of coming to see a veterinarian when it is time to assess your pet’s quality of life and decide if it is time to ease their pain through the process of euthanasia is never easy. It does not get easier no matter how many times you are in this situation; being an advocate for your beloved pet means doing the right thing for them when the time comes.

Having gone through this process ourselves, we want to help you through the process from the exam to deciding on euthanasia and cremation options.

Things to ponder over:

  • Would you like your pet’s ashes returned back to you? We offer several cremation options.
  • Would you rather prepay for everything, prior to this appointment, over the phone?
  • Do you prefer an exam room you do not normally use?
  • Would you rather have a house-call for this service? (Distance away and urgency may determine if this option is possible. Additional house call and mileage fees will apply)
  • Would you or your children benefit from written materials on grieving and loss?  (We have materials in our hospital, free of charge)

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